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Allergies and eating tips when pregnant

Posted on 6 August 2010 by Helen

Hi All! 

I realised after my last blog that I had made the assumption that you all knew what foods you should be eating during pregnancy and all about supplements etc. If you haven’t already seen it, I suggest you visit the HiPP Baby Club that gives lots of advice on healthy eating during pregnancy.

If you don’t get the answer to any questions you might have about your diet during pregnancy, or about any other issues relating to your baby’s development, from looking at our website we’d love it if you contacted us - either me or one of my colleagues will be more than happy to help if we can: feedback@hippbabyclub.co.uk

One of the biggest debates in recent years has been whether peanuts are safe in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. As the mum of a peanut-allergic child, I have often wondered if the fact I ate peanuts during my pregnancy was the cause of her allergy (when I was pregnant there was no recommendation that peanuts should be avoided in pregnancy and in fact I had a positive craving for them!). In fact, until the latest advice came out in August last year I was certain it probably had; so I was greatly relieved when the latest research showed that there was no clear evidence to say that eating or not eating peanuts during pregnancy affects the chances of your baby developing a peanut allergy. But I’m sure the debate will rumble on and I might be made to wonder again one day.

Whilst there is probably no need to avoid peanuts during pregnancy (unless of course you are allergic to them), there are certain foods and substances that you should definitely limit during your pregnancy. Caffeine and alcohol are examples of these.  In our HiPP baby club survey that I mentioned last time, nearly all of the 2,721 respondents said they have not exceed the recommendation of one to two units of alcohol, once or twice a week, with many of the mums not drinking alcohol at all during their pregnancy. This is very encouraging.  We also found that mums-to-be who said they were ‘quite relaxed’ about following certain eating guidelines are more than 2 times likely to have drank during their pregnancy than mums who said they ‘religiously’ followed eating guidelines.  I guess this is no surprise.

Have you changed the way you eat or drink during your pregnancy? Please let me know.

All the best - Helen



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Pregnancy and healthy eating

Posted on 4 August 2010 by Helen

Hi Everyone.   

I’m really getting quite excited about this new blog of mine! It was great to hear back from you all about your own experiences on the last post and I’m hoping I can pass onto you all some really useful nutritional advice!

As I mentioned to you in my last post, we recently did a survey with the HiPP Baby Club members and one of the first questions we asked pregnant mothers was ‘Are you following any guidelines on what you should eat during pregnancy?’ Half of the respondents said they have only followed some of the guidelines and have been quite relaxed about their diets, whilst just over a quarter said they have followed their natural instincts on what they should be eating. This left less than a quarter saying they have followed the guidelines religiously. This got me thinking, are health professionals like myself and the Government overloading mums-to-be with advice on what to eat/not to eat during pregnancy and if we were to prioritise, what are the most important bits of dietary advice for pregnant mums?

I believe, and I’m sure you will all agree, that as a parent the most important thing always is to make sure your baby is safe. For this reason I would say that you should definitely follow the advice to avoid certain foods on food safety grounds e.g. raw meat/eggs, unpasteurised cheese, certain fish. Why not download a copy of our Foods to avoid card from our Baby Club that gives a ready-reckoner on what foods you should not eat during your pregnancy.

On top of that, I would definitely recommend that mums-to-be should eat as wide a variety of different foods as possible to make sure they get all the nourishment mum and baby needs. And of course, there are folic acid supplements that are so important in the early stages of pregnancy, vitamin D supplements important for some........so the list goes on! 

But remember the advice that is given is based on the most up-to-date knowledge and as a health professional I hope you mums feel able to take on board as much of this advice as possible, for your own benefit and to help ensure your baby can get the best start in life as possible.

Let me know what you think – are health professionals like me and the Government giving the best dietary advice to pregnant mums?

Best wishes - Helen


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