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Baby’s first Christmas

Posted on 16 December 2011 by Helen


Hi again,

Your baby’s first Christmas is a magical time for them and for you. It’s a time when you can re-live some of the wonderful traditions that you grew up with at this time of year and maybe even introduce some new ones. Of course your little one will probably be too young to appreciate it all, but will undoubtedly enjoy the lights and sparkling decorations, the extra attention of family and friends, and of course the presents (or more specifically what they’re  wrapped up in!).

With everything that’s going on it might be quite hard but do try and keep your baby’s routine as close to normal at this time. Babies prefer it this way and they (and you) will stay calmer and happier as a result. There’s no need to splash out on extravagant presents when they’re tiny (and as a mother of 3 teenagers I can assure you their requests will get more costly as they get older so hold onto your money while you can!). And remember to take lots of photos of these special times.

Continue with your normal mealtime routine, but why not offer them a Christmas Day menu?  For breakfast, try HiPP Apple & Cranberry Breakfast (either on its own or added to baby’s normal cereal); a Christmas lunch from HiPP's selection of festive recipes, followed by a fruity HiPP dessert; and of course whatever your baby fancies in the evening.

We all hope that you and your baby have a fabulous Christmas!

Helen and the HiPP team.



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Christmas time and pregnancy

Posted on 2 December 2011 by Helen

Hi everyone,

Being careful about what you eat and drink is all part of being pregnant, but with so many tempting foods and drinks on offer what should you particularly look out for to ensure you, and your bump, remain safe?

Cold meats and fish – Parma ham and salami, although cured, are not cooked and may cause toxoplasmosis (an infection usually harmless to adults but can cause serious problems for an unborn baby) so say ‘no’ to these.  Smoked salmon and sushi are fine (provided frozen fish has been used to make the sushi), but avoid shellfish (unless cooked till piping hot).

Cheeses – have a look at our website and handy guide for advice on what cheeses you can eat and those to avoid on the cheese board.

Salads – steer clear of any salads made with homemade mayonnaise but shop bought mayonnaise from a jar is fine. Make sure salad leaves are always thoroughly washed first.

Turkey – this is perfectly safe, provided you make sure it is cooked thoroughly. Take extra care when handling the raw turkey, washing all surfaces and your hands afterwards. Follow all cooking instructions carefully (length of time you need to cook the bird and oven temperature to use). Of course, if your turkey is frozen make sure it is completely defrosted before roasting.

Desserts – always check whether any raw or partly cooked eggs have been used in recipes. For this reason, avoid homemade meringues and chocolate mousses for example as they can contain salmonella. 

Most other foods are completely safe, but if in doubt ask and keep our handy ‘foods to avoid’ card with you to check.

Of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a special drink. Of course you should avoid alcohol, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a special festive drink.  Why not try our delicious 'mock-tails'?

Have a good one!


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