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Introducing OUR new arrivals!

Monday, February 11, 2013

new pouches

We know how exciting it is to introduce your new arrival to your friends and family.

At HiPP Organic we feel the same way about our new products; having spent months carefully making and tasting the new recipes to make sure they are perfect for little taste buds.

In the last few months, we have been busy creating some new additions to our pouch family; and can now proudly present to you our 5 scrummy new arrivals:

Brand new fruit & veg pouches

These tasty new recipes combine 50% organic carrots with 50% organic fruits, providing a great introduction to vegetables with none of the bitterness. Each of these pouches provides one portion of fruit and one portion of veg, and contains no added water, sugar or salt. Both are suitable from the start of weaning and are resealable, which is handy for little tummies.

Available in a 100g pouch, price: £0.99

Stage 1 savoury pouch

This tasty new combination joins our current savoury pouches from 4 months. Spinach is a great introduction to leafy green vegetables, and the potatoes and cheddar cheese help to give it a mild and creamy texture. Packed full of flavour, this is suitable for vegetarians and also contains a source of natural omega 3, from organic rapeseed oil.

Available in a 100g resealable pouch, £0.99.

Stage 2 savoury pouches

This pouch combines tender pork with organic vegetables and naturally sweet apple, for a new take on a traditional family favourite.

This stage of weaning is all about introducing new flavours and textures and what better place to explore than the Mediterranean?

This recipe combines courgettes, mozzarella, spaghetti, tomatoes and oregano for a pouch that packs a punch. It is suitable for vegetarians and contains two vegetable portions.

Like all of our other stage 2 recipes, these savoury pouches contain small, soft lumps to help encourage chewing (unlike other pouches which are just a chunky texture), which is a vital skill at this age. They also contain a natural source of omega 3 from organic rapeseed oil.

Weighing in at 130g, these pouches are designed to fill up growing tummies but can also be resealed and used again – how handy! Price: £1.29

Look out for these pouches on shelf at your local ASDA or Tesco store very soon!