Britain Braced for Brainier Babies (consumer press release)

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HiPP Organic, the original organic baby food company, is delighted to announce the arrival of its brand new range of savoury pouches with varieties specifically developed for babies from both four months and seven months. HiPP Organic has cleverly incorporated organic rapeseed oil, rich in Omega 3, into the new pouches, along with their finest organic vegetables and meats providing an easy and convenient source of nutrients essential for growth and development.

The perfectly sized savoury pouches are the first pouches available for babies, with the additional benefit of Omega 3 fatty acid; crucial for aiding your baby’s neurological development during the first two years of their life. Whilst babies can reap the benefits of Omega 3 from breast milk at an early age, HiPP’s savoury pouches can boost babies intake of this essential nutrient, ideal during the weaning stage when other sources such as oily fish, nuts and plants are not traditionally eaten.

The nutritional experts at HiPP created the stage two savoury pouches with lumps; a texture that is not found amongst other stage two pouches available in the baby food aisle. Encouraging chewing at this stage of weaning is vitally important as delaying the introduction of more challenging textures could cause fussy eating habits later in life.

Crammed with 100% natural goodness, the savoury pouches are available in four delicious flavours; ‘Carrots, Cauliflower & Peas’ and ‘Potatoes, Carrots and Beef’ from four months and ‘Creamy Tomato and Leek Pasta’ and ‘Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese’ from seven months…all of which provide a guaranteed 25% of your babies ALA/ Omega 3 in a day!

The delicious recipes contain no added salt, no artificial additives or preservatives to further reassure mums that when they choose HiPP, their baby is guaranteed the very best of organic.

Compact enough to squeeze into your baby changing bag or handbag, HiPP Organic savoury pouches do not require refrigeration so are perfect for busy mums and dads on-the-go!

Savoury pouches are the latest addition to an all encompassing range of popular HiPP Organic products including; 100% fruit pouches, a tasty array of organic jars, refreshing fruit juices with mineral water, wholesome and nutritious toddler tray meals, Fruit Pots, Mini Pots, and the Little Nibbles finger foods range.

Did you know Brain Busters!

  • In the first two years of a baby’s life, 20% of energy is used just to develop the brain!
  • The types of fats included in an infant’s diet during the weaning stage are vitally important as the brain is over 60% fat
  • Omega 3 fats are called essential fatty acids – referred to as ‘essential’ as we must source them from our diets in order to live!
  • Each savoury pouch contains at least 25% of a baby’s recommended daily intake of Omega 3

HiPP Organic savoury pouches are available in Sainsbury’s from mid June and Tesco from mid July with more stockists planned throughout July and August 2012.

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