Fruit Pouch Format Launched To Satisfy Consumer Demand (trade press release)

HiPP Organic, the original organic baby food company, is extending its successful product range with the introduction of ‘Fruit Pouches’, made from the finest organic fruit and comprising 100% natural ingredients. Responding to existing consumer insights, HiPP Organic acknowledged that their strong following of mums were seeking their well renowned products in this appealing new format.

The brand new range of organic fruit flavours; ‘Apple, Strawberry & Banana’, ‘Banana, Pear & Mango’, ‘Mango, Apple & Peach’ and ‘Peach, Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry’ aimed at babies from four months onwards, will offer even more convenience to the baby food category, extending appeal to new consumers who favour the format as well as satisfying the needs of existing.
fruit pouches
Jane Mayall, Head of Marketing at HiPP Organic commented, “Whilst HiPP Organic already has an established range of nutritious organic foods for babies, the latest launch will work hard to further reinforce this message, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing parents with the very best in natural goodness and convenience, and a way to help their little ones to consume fruit!”

By leveraging their reputation for quality organic baby food, HiPP Organic hopes to accelerate sales and drive further brand growth. The design highlights the quality organic fruit that this range contains, creating significant on shelf appeal, providing retailers with an incremental sales opportunity.

Whilst adults are well aware of what constitutes their ‘five a day’, the same portion size does not translate for children. HiPP Organic has strategically placed up to two individual portions of pureed fruit within the pouch, to provide parents with an easy solution to help reach the all important five portions a day. To further educate parents readily seeking the importance of ‘five a day’, HiPP Organic has also devised a comprehensive resource on their website to indicate the recommended portion size for a widespread number of fruit and vegetables.

Fruit Pouches are the latest addition to an all encompassing range of popular HiPP Organic products including; a tasty array of organic Jars offering endless recipe combinations across all stages of babies development, resealable Wholesome Pots comprising exciting ingredients & textures, Refreshing Drinks made using the finest organic fruit juices and mineral water, wholesome & nutritious toddler Tray Meals created especially for growing appetites and the Little Nibbles Finger Foods range specially designed for healthy in-between meal snacking.

HiPP Organic is stocked in major retailers, priced at 99p RRP. For information on how you can stock the HiPP Organic Fruit Pouches range, visit or call 0845 050 1351.

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