HiPP Organic inject personality into fresh new image (Consumer Press Release)

For many of you mums out there, the much loved HiPP Organic range has long been renowned for its vast array of nutritious, wholesome recipes to ensure that your baby gets only the very best. Whether it be jars, wholesome pots, juices, fruit pots, dried cereals or even tray meals, HiPP has always been there to provide you with a cupboard full of natural, healthy meal solutions to make motherhood that little bit easier. So what’s changed?

Well with a New Year just around the corner, HiPP decided to celebrate the start of 2011 in style…and with a new and innovative packaging design, a refreshed logo, and a host of brand new products to shout about, who could blame them?

New packaging HiPP Stage 1The redesign incorporates stylish food photography, clearly depicting the premium quality fresh produce which you can expect to find inside each of their products. HiPP has also injected an element of their brand personality into the overall design, utilising lower case font within their logo for a younger, friendlier look and feel.

And just when you thought HiPP couldn’t possibly pack any more goodness into such small portions, your baby will now be able to reap the benefits of Omega 3 in each of the savoury jars. Thanks to the rapeseed oil which they have added, this will aid your baby’s neurological development, providing them with the energy and goodness necessary for maintaining physical and mental growth. You see…they really do think of everything!

And before you panic, while their image may have changed, your baby’s HiPP Organic favourites will still be available in store. Additionally they have put their expertise to the test and specially created a selection of brand new recipes for your little one to enjoy!

If it’s their handy pots that are a firm favourite in your household, make sure you look out for the brand new Juicy Tomato & Sweetcorn Pasta with Beef along with the Sweet Carrot & Pea Risotto with Chicken. What’s more, these innovative ‘textured’ varieties have been expertly developed with slightly more texture than a completely smooth puree to provide babies from six months onwards with an easier transition to lumpier foods, before they hit stage 2.

Those of you seeking out stage 1 and 2 HiPP jars will discover a selection of exciting new flavours such as; Spaghetti Bolognese, Tasty Vegetable Risotto, Parsnip Potato & Turkey Casserole and Scrumptious Sunday Lunch to name but a few.

Is that all? Not quite…
Knowing what a minefield the internet can be, HiPP has relaunched their website, combining their two separate sites with a completely new look and feel. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find all of your favourite pages…they’ve just been joined by lots of new information and features. Simply log onto www.hipp.co.uk and you’ll find everything you need all in one place.

Whether you’re looking to register to the baby club for free samples and information, seeking expert advice from pregnancy through to toddlerhood, in dire need of inspiration for delicious homemade recipes, or fancy your chances at a selection of competitions and quizzes, why not come and visit them…they’d really love to see you!

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