Pregnancy & Baby Advice

11-12 week old babyWe've asked a panel of experts including nutritionists, midwives, health visitors and many more to provide lots of helpful advice on everything mums need to know from the start of pregnancy right through to feeding your fussy toddler. Whether you're wondering about what is safe to eat during pregnancy, how to breastfeed, when to start solids or how to help your baby get a good night's sleep, we hope we have it covered here.
  • Pregnant mums

    Find out how your baby is developing and download a free birth plan.

    Pregnant mother eating
  • Baby 0 to 4 months

    Your baby is here at last - read our expert advice on what to expect!

    Pregnant mother eating
  • Baby 5 to 8 months

    Time to get messy and start weaning! We've lots of helpful advice to get you started.

    Pregnant mother eating
  • 9+ months & toddlers

    Read our top tips for moving on to family foods and dealing with fussy eaters.

    Pregnant mother eating
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