13 months old

13 months

Your baby

  • Once babies start to walk they can get around much quicker, so be careful!
  • A walking toddler may also be a climbing toddler so beware of leaving them alone
  • Can your baby say any words yet? Remember to record them
  • If your baby takes a toy from another child, making them cry, it’s normal for them not to realise why the other child is upset. Just return the toy and tell your baby that they shouldn’t take toys from others.

Babies of this age…

  • May be able to stand unaided and take a few steps
  • Have good manual dexterity
  • Seem always to be tempted most by ‘forbidden’ things!

Encourage your toddler to be adventurous

...it helps physical development and confidence. Is there a ‘soft play’ group near you where little ones can climb and bounce safely? Or a playground with baby swings? It’s good to go to activities such as these and it gives you a chance to meet up with other mums and dads. In some areas you’ll find music groups too.

Learning to socialise with other children is important for toddlers. Some already have this opportunity if they attend a nursery, or go to a childminder. But babies at home with their mum or dad (or grandparents) need to mix with other children too.

Spending time with your baby

Mums and dads are always busy, so it’s good to know there’s plenty of choice of organic ready-meals for your toddler in the HiPP Organic Growing Up range. You’ll be able to spend time with your little one rather than in the kitchen!

Bedtime bottles

Many babies still have a bedtime bottle at this age and now is a good time to stop the bottle and replace them with a beaker. Have you tried HiPP Organic Good Night Milk? Its satisfying blend of organic cereals with organic Follow-on milk make it the ideal complement to your little one’s bedtime routine - you can buy it direct from the HiPP online Shop.

More jabs

This time, your baby will receive protections against measles, mumps and rubella, plus the third dose against pneumococcal infection. Find out more with the NHS vaccination planner.

There’s a big gap now before the next vaccinations (not until your little one is over 3 years old).

Looking after yourself

If your toddler is still waking up in the night (many do at this age) you may find yourself suffering from sleep deprivation. Take a nap when you can and if it all gets a bit much, ask a friend or relative if they can look after the baby while you have a rest.

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