14 months old

14 months

Babies of this age...

  • May be toddling around - feet wide apart and arms high! (although a few children don’t walk until they are a couple of months older)
  • Can make their needs known through gestures and words.
  • Will probably need help to stand up from sitting - or something to pull up on
  • Can generally hold two things in one hand
  • Might be able to put one thing, eg a block, on top of another
  • Might be showing artistic promise, ie making marks with a crayon!
  • May be saying a few words
  • Will probably be sleeping a total of 12-15 hours in 24

Babies develop at a rapid pace

Babies’ brains are like sponges, soaking up experiences, knowledge, speech and memories and developing at a very rapid pace.

To encourage this development, don’t feel you have to fill every minute, or need expensive toys - ordinary everyday experiences such as shopping, watching birds feeding, posting letters, playing with saucepans etc are all rich learning opportunities.

Allow time to stop and stare. Talk, sing, dance and play with your child - and benefit from looking at this marvellous world through your son or daughter’s eyes.

Family foods

Your child is probably eating lots of family foods, but there is still a place for ready-made baby foods. When family foods aren’t suitable, when you are out and about, or when you have little time, a HiPP Organic meal is the answer. There are Stage 3 and Stage 4 varieties up to 15 months and beyond. They are made with the highest quality organic ingredients, carefully prepared in recipes designed with good nutrition for toddlers’ growing bodies and minds. Take a look at the recipes available.

Don’t forget that adult ready-meals are not suitable for little bodies as they may be too high in salt and, unless they are organic, may also contain unsuitable ingredients.

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