9 months old

9 months

Your baby

  • Will learn from toys that can be shaken, moved about and put into other containers
  • May cry when you go out of sight, so games of peek a boo and hide and seek can help them to learn you don’t actually disappear when they can’t see you
  • Using finger foods and a spoon will help improve manual skills and hand-eye co-ordination

Babies of this age…

  • May be able to pick up small objects with a thumb and finger ‘pincer’ action
  • Can manage finger foods
  • Have good control when sitting and can turn their heads round and reach for toys without toppling over
  • May be able to get into a sitting position from lying down
  • Will look for a dropped object (or a thrown one, again and again!)
  • May be crawling by now (although some babies ‘bottom shuffle’ and some never crawl at all)
  • Will start to pull themselves up and stand up holding on to hands or furniture
  • May start to be wary with strangers

Here comes trouble!

Once they start to crawl, they’re into everything and need constant supervision. You’ll always be on the go and you need to check safety in the home. A safe environment or ‘time out’ in the confines of a playpen, cot or baby activity centre will often be welcome in your busy day.

Now’s the time you start learning to say ‘no’! Distraction is often better than constantly saying no, however, and you’ll soon become skilled at offering a lovely toy rather than letting them eat your mobile phone!

Keep a record!

Remember to keep a record of your baby’s development and milestones. It’s a good idea to record a typical day in your baby’s life, what they do, what they eat. You think you’ll never forget, but you will!

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