7-8 weeks old

7-8 weeksBabies of this age...

  • Will smile at you - and everybody else too!
  • May respond with little noises - oohs and aaahs - when being talked to
  • May even chuckle
  • Will gurgle and coo
  • May be able to hold their heads up for a little while
  • Will turn to sounds and watch moving objects
  • Enjoy playing peek-a-boo
  • Start to open their hands more often, instead of keeping them in a fist most of the time

Your baby's milestones

Babies develop from the head down. This means one of the first areas to develop are the neck muscles and you will notice your baby is becoming much more able to hold his or her head steady.

All babies are different, so don’t worry (or boast!) if your baby seems behind (or ahead of) other babies. They all develop at their own pace.

The age at which babies reach developmental milestones may vary, but the order of the milestones is usually the same. Remember to record each milestone in your HiPP Baby’s First Year Record book.


Although your baby seems so little, at around 8 weeks the first immunisations start! There will be a 5-in-one jab known as DTaP/IPV/Hib, which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio and Hib (an infection that can cause severe pneumonia or meningitis). Your baby will also receive protection against pneumococcal infection. For more information, visit the NHS vaccination planner.

Your baby may be upset for up to 48 hours after the jab, have a mild fever and/or have a lump around the injection site. Your GP, health visitor or other health professional will give you advice.

Getting yourself organised

By now, you’re probably getting into more of a routine and have got used to having this new little person around. Babies are a joy, but they’re hard work too! Don’t forget to look after yourself and make the most of any time you get to yourself. Try to eat properly too.

People will tell you to take a nap when the baby does, but this isn’t always easy - particularly if you have another child or children. Going to bed early most nights if you can is a good plan, particularly if you are up half the night feeding.

‘Me’ time

Some women find it easy to ignore mess or chores, others can’t relax unless the place is clean and tidy. Just prioritise and do only what is very important to you and try to let the rest wait. Getting out to have your hair done while your partner or mum babysits can do you much more good than cleaning the floor!

On the subject of hair, if your hair seems to be coming out in handfuls, this is only because the hormones circulating in your body during pregnancy made your hair much thicker and it’s now returning to normal.

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