SleepingHelping your baby to sleep well

Although it seems a long way away at the moment, the day will come when both you and your baby can sleep through the night peacefully.

To encourage this, you’ll no doubt want to get your baby into some good sleeping habits now and teach them their bedtime routine.

So to help you we’ve compiled lots of helpful tips on sleeping, plus you can also download our sleep chart to work out your baby’s own natural pattern.

How much sleep do babies need?

How much sleep do babies need?

Sleep is a very important part of your baby's day, as it lets their body and brain rest and allows physical growth to occur.

Your baby’s bedtime routine

Your baby’s bedtime routine

From as early as 6 to 8 weeks, it’s a good idea to start to set up a simple and consistent bedtime routine that suits both you and your baby.

Helping your baby to settle

Helping your baby to settle

Most of us need some down time to relax before bed, to help us get a better night’s sleep - and your baby is just the same. Read our top tips on coping with difficult settlers and encouraging early risers to sleep longer.

Letting your baby sleep safely

Letting your baby sleep safely

It’s recommended that you let your baby sleep in their cot in your room for the first 6 months of life.



What is co-sleeping? What are the benefits & drawbacks of co-sleeping between parents and babies? Find helpful information and advice on this subject here.

Sleep chart

Download our sleep chart

You can use our handy sleep chart to record your baby's pattern over the course of two weeks, to identify any problems and potential solutions. Download chart here.

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