Letting your baby sleep safely

Safe sleepingIt’s recommended that you let your baby sleep in their cot in your room for the first 6 months of life.

Whether your baby sleeps in your room or in their nursery, the following advice applies:

  • Your baby's cot should be placed so that they cannot reach any cords on curtains, blinds or lights
  • If your baby is under 1 year of age, don’t use a duvet, quilt or pillows (due to the risk of suffocation)
  • Babies should always be laid to sleep on their backs, with their feet at the foot of the cot

Temperature control

  • The room should be kept at about 18°C. (You can monitor this easily with a room thermometer)
  • Babies should never sleep next to a radiator, heater or in direct sunlight
  • Make sure that your baby doesn't get too hot or too cold at night
  • You should avoid over-heating by using too many blankets or covers. Instead use light blankets or clothing, or as an alternative use a sleep sack (a sleeping bag specially designed for babies and toddlers).
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