6 months old

6 monthsYour baby

  • Activity centres with lots of different flaps, levers, noises and music will keep your baby happily entertained
  • But babies also learn as much from simple toys and household objects - stacking beakers, a wooden spoon and a saucepan to bang, or a plastic box with plastic spoons in

Babies of this age…

  • Can sit up well when supported, and may be able to sit up unsupported (surrounded by cushions) for a short time
  • Are quickly developing more control when handling toys and may be able to transfer objects from one hand to the other
  • May be able to roll over from front to back or back to front - be careful when they’re on the changing mat!
  • May miss out on the rolling stage and go straight to sitting
  • Start to become wary of strangers
  • Love constantly banging objects to make a noise
  • Turn their heads round to look for quiet sounds or voices

Smile please!

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If you are about to begin weaning here's how to make a start:

  • Choose a quiet time and place - and a time when your baby is happy and contented
  • Spoon out a small amount of food into a bowl or cup
  • Give your baby’s usual feed first before any solids
  • Sit baby on your lap or in a reclining chair
  • Use a small, shallow, plastic spoon
  • First tastes should be mild, runny and smooth in texture
  • Go at your baby’s own pace - some babies take to solids straight away, others take a little while
  • Offer the tip of a spoonful and don’t be surprised if the food comes rolling out again - it’s a whole new tongue technique for your baby to learn!
  • Make sure baby is wearing a bib (those first tastes often go everywhere!)

Once babies have got the idea of solid foods, it’s very good for them (and helps to ensure nutritional balance) to try lots of different tastes. HiPP Organic makes it easy to do so! From 6 months you can choose from the whole HiPP Organic Stage 1 range.

Milk intake reduces

If you are breast feeding, the amount of breast feeds may now begin to reduce as weaning food is introduced. Babies established on 3 solid meals a day should be having about 500-600ml (1 pint or 20fl oz) of their usual milk per day. If you use formula milk, HiPP Organic Follow-on Milk is an excellent choice at this stage, not just because it’s organic, but also because it’s specially formulated for babies from 6 months and is enriched with iron, calcium and vitamins.

Disturbed sleep?

This is an exciting time for your baby – they will probably be teething, getting used to solid foods and will definitely be learning a little more about their world every day – but all this adventure can have an effect on their sleeping pattern. They may be finding it harder to settle, waking during the night or waking early – whatever the case it can be frustrating and upsetting for both of you! We have therefore put together a unique Sleep Chart, which when completed can be used to identify your baby’s sleeping pattern and any potential problems areas. Download our handy sleep chart.

Warm milky drinks are known to be particularly soothing at bedtime which is why HiPP Organic Good Night Milk with its satisfying blend of organic cereals with organic Follow-on milk, is the ideal complement to your baby’s bedtime routine. Find out more about HiPP Organic Good Night Milk.

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