8 months old

8 monthsYour baby

  • Clear the decks for action! Even when babies are not yet crawling, they still manage to get around, grabbing everything within reach
  • Your baby will soon be picking up the smallest crumbs or rubbish from the floor!

Babies of this age…

  • May lunge forward to reach things, nearly getting into a crawling position
  • May even begin to crawl
  • Might be saying mamama (but often when they’re moaning!)
  • Can transfer objects from hand to the other, but haven’t yet learnt to let go of something
  • Like to ‘bang bang bang’ a table or surface with a toy

Plan ahead

Things change very quickly with babies. One minute they are sitting playing, the next minute they start to crawl and get into everything! So plan ahead and buy safety items such as socket covers, door stops, door locks, corner cushions, stair gates etc ready for use.

Check ups

Your baby’s weight and height will be checked and recorded by the health visitor at the baby clinic. This is also a good place to go regularly to meet other mums.


When you have a baby, it’s all too easy just to focus on their needs and forget you and your partner’s social life. Try to organise babysitters so you can go out and see friends. And help your baby to learn how to socialise by getting together with other families with babies. Once your baby is crawling, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them for a second, so meeting up with other mums is a good idea if you are home in the day.

Feeding when out and about

Babies have no preconceptions about whether food should be warm or cold. Try getting them used to eating some meals at room temperature - great when you are out and about and you can feed them straight from a jar (HiPP of course!). Find out more about HiPP Organic products.

Finger foods

Most babies of this age will really enjoy finger foods such as HiPP Organic Rice Cakes. Make sure you never leave your baby alone when they’re eating, though.

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