Feeding your baby at Christmas

With Christmas approaching this provides an ideal opportunity to introduce your baby to a new set of textures and tastes. Here at HiPP, we have a selection of yummy recipes, all perfect for the festive season:
parsnip, potato & turkey casserole

Weaning tips at Christmas

  • Try to keep your baby in the same feeding routine that you have already established. This means that your little one will be able to know when to expect food and won’t get confused by being offered foods at lots of different times.
  • If you feel you are constantly on the go during the festive period, try to bulk-buy or prepare meals in advance which you can take out with you when you go. You can store any excess at home which is also handy for when you have forgotten to do a food shop, or the shops are shut.
  • You may wish to let your baby sample some of the Christmas foods around and this is a great way to let them explore new tastes, but keep it to just a few mouthfuls and feed it around their usual dinnertimes. Some good introductory suggestions would be Brussel sprout, turkey or red cabbage. Just remember to cook everything well and mix / mash foods up to a consistency that is suitable for your baby.

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