Week 12

12 weeksYour baby

  • At 12 weeks the baby is around 6cm (2¼”) long and weighs about 15g (half an ounce)
  • He or she is fully formed with everything in place and already looks like a tiny human being
  • The baby is moving about (although you won’t feel it yet)

Feeling good?

You’re probably starting to feel good (or at least better!) now - nausea may be wearing off, you perhaps don’t feel so tired, or have to pass water so much and mood swings have settled down. Although, of course, you may have felt great all along!

You are now coming to end of the first trimester (the second trimester is from 13 to 27 weeks). The greatest risk of miscarriage is in the first trimester; by the second trimester your growing baby is considered to be well established.

This is the last week you will need to take the folic acid supplements.

Keep fit

Keep fit with your usual exercise (although you may want to avoid anything too extreme such as high impact aerobics or hard contact sports) - and if you don’t usually exercise, now may be the time to start! Walking and swimming are good gentle ways of keeping fit.

For advice on exercising during pregnancy visit the NHS website.

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