Week 7

mum and dadYour baby

  • Your baby’s head and brain is growing faster than the rest of the body, so it appears larger in proportion
  • Your baby’s heart is becoming more complex and dividing into four chambers
  • Small ‘buds’ show where the arms and legs are beginning to grow - babies develop from the head down, so the arms will develop before the legs
  • The baby is suspended in a bubble filled with fluid, and this will become the amniotic sac

Morning sickness?

You may be experiencing what people refer to as ‘morning’ sickness, but nausea can affect you to a greater or lesser degree any or all of the time - not just in the mornings. The good news is that even the most persistent nausea usually disappears by 16-20 weeks.

A helpful and sympathetic partner is a great support during pregnancy, especially if they look after you and make you snacks if you’re feeling sick!

Click here to find out what you can do to help with nausea. 

Click here for a free downloadable pdf card on foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Get your partner involved

It’s good for expectant dads to be closely involved with your pregnancy. It can be bewildering for them if you are experiencing mood swings, are more emotional or are feeling overwhelmingly tired. They may feel left out and they also have their own worries or concerns to contend with.

If you are a single mum, get close family or friends involved in ante-natal visits etc; they’ll be thrilled to be part of this great event.

Have you taken your folic acid supplement?

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