Week 9

week 9Your baby

  • Your baby's brain is four times the size it was at 6 weeks
  • Your baby’s nose and mouth are forming
  • The digestive system - stomach and intestines - are developing rapidly as are the rest of the major internal organs
  • Arms, legs, hands and feet are growing fast and fingers and toes can be seen (although they are still joined by skin)

Are you feeling a little constricted around the middle yet?

Have you had to leave the top button of your jeans undone? Are your breasts getting bigger? Some women find this an awkward stage, especially if they are not looking pregnant, but feeling fatter (particularly if they have not told everyone about their pregnancy).

What do you think about body shapes in pregnancy - do you love the idea of looking pregnant, or do you hate it?

Continue to take your folic acid supplement until the end of week 12.

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