Week 18

18 weeksYour baby

  • Your baby is moving around, stretching, boxing, turning head over heels, thumb sucking, swallowing
  • You and your partner might like to talk or sing to the baby, who is aware of sounds from outside and also hears your heartbeat and other body noises
  • Your baby is nicely protected in the womb and receives all the nourishment needed through the placenta

Changes taking place

As your uterus becomes bigger, it starts to exert pressure on organs and blood vessels. When you’ve been lying down or sitting for some time, be careful not to get up too quickly in case you become dizzy.

Your ligaments also become softer, making sprains or strains more likely. You may also find you are experiencing some back pain, particularly in the lower back, as your ligaments soften and your breasts get bigger. Be very careful when lifting any heavy objects – and avoid doing this as much as possible.

Your partner can help by giving you soothing back massages. Seek advice from your doctor or GP if any pain becomes severe or intense. If you are already receiving treatment for back pain, e.g. from a chiropractor, remember to tell them that you are pregnant. If you generally suffer from too much tension, however, for example in your shoulder or neck, you may find the condition improves.

Swimming and walking are both excellent exercise - and you should also start doing some pelvic floor muscle exercises. Click here for advice on exercise during pregnancy.

Be proud of your bump!

Some of the great advantages about being pregnant (besides not having to hold your tummy in) include thick glossy hair, that lovely glow and an improved cleavage. Don’t be surprised if your partner is turned on by pregnancy - many men are!

Don’t be surprised either if total strangers feel it’s OK to engage you in conversation or talk about babies - lots of people just love pregnant women!

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