Week 20

20 weeksYour baby

  • At the end of 20 weeks, your baby is likely to be around 16cm (6½ inches) from head to bottom (so with legs stretched out would be quite a bit longer) and weighs about 340g (12 ounces)
  • The baby is growing very fast, but there’s still plenty of room in the womb to somersault around
  • Despite being so tiny, the baby is fully formed
  • You’ll probably have a scan around now - how lovely to be able to ‘see’ your baby again
  • Is your belly button starting to pop out yet?

You’re halfway there!

You may find you are becoming extra forgetful - just blame your hormones! You’ll probably have a second scan around now (this is usually between weeks 18 and 22). Although you will be really happy and excited it is perfectly normal to feel a little emotional too.

The second scan

This is referred to as the ‘anomaly scan’, and includes detailed checks on all your baby’s organs and structures. It really is fascinating and don’t be afraid to ask if you are a little unsure of what you are being shown. You may even be able to find out your baby’s sex (if you want to) although this will depend on the position that your baby is in and also whether your hospital has a ‘no tell’ policy.

Suffering from indigestion or heartburn?

Try eating little and often - and when you go to bed use an extra pillow to prop yourself up a little more. See indigestion in the HiPP A-Z of Health.

If you haven't already received your free HiPP Pregnancy Diary, please click here to request a copy. This helpful diary offers useful advice and information on healthy eating during pregnancy and you can also use it to keep a record of appointments and reminders.

Maternity leave and pay

Ask the doctor or midwife for the certificate (MAT B1) that certifies you are pregnant - you'll need this for claiming benefits and maternity pay. To find out what maternity leave benefits you are entitled to, please visit the Direct Gov website or the Work Smart website.

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