Week 23

anti-natal yogaYour baby

  • Your baby looks like a real baby, but is thin and quite red in colour because there is not yet a layer of fat under the skin
  • The major organs are working, but the digestive system and the lungs are still maturing

Suffering from indigestion?

High levels of hormones in pregnancy slow down the rate of digestion and this is why pregnant women can suffer from indigestion and also constipation. Try eating little and often, and not too late in the evening, and make sure you have plenty of fluids and eat lots of fibre.

Tips on healthy eating during pregnancy.


You may also suffer from heartburn. This is because, during pregnancy, the valve at the top of your stomach relaxes and may allow some of the stomach contents to leak back into the oesophagus. If you suffer from heartburn at night, try sleeping propped up on extra pillows.

Trouble sleeping?

The baby moving around at night or pressing on your bladder can make it harder for you to sleep. Try having a warm relaxing bath or a milky drink just before going to bed. Gentle exercise, such as swimming or antenatal yoga, during the day can also help you to sleep – just be careful not to overdo it. For information and advice on exercising safely during pregnancy click here.

A carefully positioned pillow – or a specially designed support pillow – can help to support your legs and bump, preventing cramps and/or pressure on your blood vessels which can also lead to disturbed sleep.

It’s quite normal to experience vaginal discharge during pregnancy and it can sometimes be heavier at this time. Use a pad rather than a tampon.

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