Week 25

pregnant lady at workYour baby

  • Your baby reacts to sound - and also to touch
  • Small amounts of amniotic fluid are swallowed
  • Your baby wees tiny amounts too

Your baby is often lulled to sleep when you are active during the daytime - and then wakes up and moves around a lot during the night when all is quiet (and just when you were hoping to sleep!).

You may experience mild swelling of your feet and ankles and also your face and hands. If you stand too long, you may even feel very faint, particularly if you are tired or hungry.

Becoming forgetful?

Many women feel they have become much slower and more forgetful during pregnancy but this is quite normal. It takes a lot of hard work ‘growing’ a baby!


This is your qualifying week and so you must tell your employer in writing that you are pregnant, and that you intend to take maternity leave. This is essential to claiming Statutory Maternity Pay. You will need to enclose the MAT B1 form you obtained from your midwife some weeks ago. Make sure that your partner tells his employer this week too – if he is intending to take paternity leave.

Thinking of flying?

If you are intending to travel by plane, then from this week you will need to obtain a letter from your GP stating that you are fit to do so. Click here for more information on travelling when pregnant.

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