Week 26

26 weeksYour baby

  • Baby’s eyelids open
  • What colour will those eyes be? Most babies are born with deep blue eyes and they gradually change

The importance of iron

Lack of iron leads to anaemia, which causes tiredness and lack of energy. You will be tested for this by your doctor or midwife as part of your regular blood checks. You can help to guard against iron-deficiency by including plenty of foods that are rich in iron in your diet. Red meat such as beef contains iron that is well absorbed by the body but there are also plenty of non-meat sources of iron such as lentils, soya mince and baked beans. You might also like to nibble on pumpkin seeds, dried apricots or cashew nuts.

Have some fruit juice or something else high in vitamin C at the same meal as iron-rich foods - this is because vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron better. On the other hand, some drinks such as tea, coffee and soft drinks containing caffeine actually stop your body from absorbing iron, so it’s important to limit your intake of these. Check the recommended amount of caffeine here.

HiPP Organic fruit juice is a really good choice to drink when you’re pregnant since it is high in vitamin C but also low in acidity and is unlikely to cause heartburn (it’s pure and organic too).

Click here for more information on the HiPP Organic juice range.

Are you eligible for Maternity Allowance?

If you are not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay, you may still be able to claim Maternity Allowance. In order to claim this you will need to submit your MAT B1 along with a completed MA1 form (available from your local job centre, social security office, maternity clinic / child health clinic or on-line) to your local Job Centre by the end of week 27.

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