Week 32

32 weeksYour baby

  • When relaxed, your baby will usually be curled up with arms and legs crossed
  • At this stage, babies are often already head down, ready for the birth (although some babies wait until the last minute to get into position)
  • The skull bones aren’t completely fused, and this will allow baby’s head to remain flexible and ready for the big squeeze out into the world

Do you find yourself getting breathless and fatigued?

This is quite normal, especially when you exert yourself. Carrying round a big bump is not only tiring, it can ruin your posture too and make your back ache more. Try to sit and stand properly - tuck your bottom in and keep your back straight. Wear that bump with pride!

You may find that your fingers, ankles and feet are swollen, especially at the end of the day or if the weather is hot. It helps if you can put your feet up and make sure you are drinking plenty. If the swelling becomes suddenly worse, or if you start to have headaches, talk to your doctor or midwife straight away - they’ll want to check your blood pressure and make sure you’re not suffering from pre-eclampsia.

Do you love being pregnant or do you hate it?

Is a pregnant body beautiful, or unattractive? Whatever your view, you won’t be alone in it. 

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