Week 34

34 weeksYour baby

  • Baby’s lungs are still maturing
  • Some reflexes, such as the sucking reflex, have not yet fully developed
  • Your baby can sense changes of light through your tummy
  • “Talk to me mummy” - your baby can hear and recognise your voice (and probably your partner’s too)

Wondering what your labour will be like?

It’s getting closer and you can’t help wondering what labour will be like. It's not unusual for your inner fears to express themselves in awful dreams - that is if you can get any sleep! Why not talk to other mums on the HiPP Facebook page about your worries.

Have you packed your bags yet, ready for the hospital?

Get organised well in advance so there’ll be no last-minute panic. As well as all the usual stuff, you might like to take some ‘extras’ to help you in the great adventure. Take a look at our handy checklist and download your copy. While you’re shopping for any last-minute items, check if you need to buy anything else for the baby. Baby clothes seem so tiny!! If you are planning to breastfeed, make sure you have some well-fitting nursing bras to take with you into hospital.

Arrangements for the birth

Think about arrangements for getting to the hospital and ensure there’s always enough petrol in the car. Make a list of the phone numbers you or your birth partner are likely to need - from the midwife and hospital numbers to details of the friends and family you’ll want to phone after the birth. Can a mobile be used in the hospital? If not, keep a supply of loose change or a phone card. Change is also good for your partner for the hospital coffee machine - it can be a long labour!

If your birth partner plans to stay with you throughout, think about carrying a sleeping bag and pillow in the car just in case - and take a supply of food for sustenance.

If you haven’t already done so, preparing a birth plan will help you to feel more settled, and will help you to think about all those last minute arrangements and decisions. Download our handy birth plan.

TENS machine?

If you are planning on using a TENS machine for pain relief during labour order this now, so that you have it in time for the birth. Once this arrives make sure that you and your birth partner become familiar with how the machine works.

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