Week 35

pregnant mum using laptopYour baby

  • This little miracle in your womb is almost ready to face the world
  • If your baby has ‘engaged’, i.e. moved down in position for the birth, this will leave you a little more breathing space in your overcrowded insides
  • But it may also mean you feel more downward pressure or discomfort - as though the baby is pushing out!

Regular check ups

As you get nearer your due date, antenatal appointments become more frequent. Regular blood tests include checking your haemoglobin level to make sure you are not becoming anaemic (which will make you feel tired and fatigued). You can help to guard against this by including plenty of foods that are rich in iron in your diet. Don’t forget, having a drink such as HiPP Organic fruit juice, rich in vitamin C, at the same time as iron-containing foods, will help you to absorb the iron better.

Have you considered online shopping?

As your bump gets bigger, it becomes difficult not to budge people out of the way as you try to squeeze through gaps in the crowds! Have you considered having supermarket shopping delivered (especially the heavy stuff)? You can order online at most supermarkets and also set up regular shopping lists. This is a service you’ll find useful after your baby is born, too.

If you’ve space in the freezer, take this opportunity before your baby is born to stock up on ready-meals - home-made or shop-bought.

Have you prepared your birth plan yet?

You will feel more settled once you’ve done it and it will help you focus on decisions you need to make. Download our handy birth plan.

Take the opportunity to pamper yourself!

This will make you feel better if you are feeling tired and once your little one arrives it will be more difficult to find the time to do so. Pedicures or leg and foot massages are an excellent way to relax and unwind – particularly as you probably haven’t seen your feet for a little while now!

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