Week 36

36 weeksYour baby

  • Your baby is rapidly gaining weight - around 28g or 1 ounce per day
  • There’s not much room now, so your baby's movements may be different (although should be moving just as much as normal), usually staying head down ready for the big day
  • The average weight of babies at birth is around 3.5kg (about 7lb 11oz) and they measure around 52cm (20½ inches)

Whether you’re looking forward to the birth or dreading it, it won’t be long before you are able to hold your baby at last. In the meantime, you are probably getting a little tired of lugging this weight around! Perhaps you are suffering discomfort, heartburn or constipation, leaking colostrum from your breasts, rushing (well, plodding) to the loo at all hours of the day and night or leaking a bit from your bladder. (And if the baby’s head is ‘engaged’, i.e. has moved down deep in the pelvis ready for the birth, you may find even greater pressure on your bladder.)

But you know it will be worth it in the end!

Be prepared

It’s probably a good idea to carry your maternity records and your birth plan around with you - you never know when you might need them. If you still haven’t prepared a birth plan click here for our handy template.

On maternity leave?

If you have begun your maternity leave, you may be feeling a little lonely. Local mother-to-be groups (and postnatal groups) can be a great way of meeting new people in your local area and potentially making life-long friends – visit www.nct.org.uk for more information. Alternatively the HiPP Facebook page is an excellent way of meeting new people from all over the country, who are in exactly the same position as you.

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