Week 37

expectant parentsYour baby

  • This little baby is getting ready!
  • Your baby will be practising sucking and swallowing, blinking, grasping and breathing
  • Your baby is continuing to put on weight fast, with fat stores being laid down under the skin

Not long now; you’re on the homeward stretch

You can be reassured that going into labour isn’t usually as dramatic as it’s portrayed and your waters ‘breaking’ all over the supermarket floor is quite unusual!

The most common early warning signs are low backache or period-type pains, a reddish, jelly-like discharge (known as a ‘show’) and mild irregular contractions. Even then it will probably be several hours before your labour starts in earnest, especially if it’s your first baby.

In the last weeks of pregnancy you may have some false starts with practice or 'Braxton Hicks' contractions (but they don’t hurt as much or increase in intensity like proper contractions).

Leaving the house?

Make sure that you have your maternity notes and birth plan with you! Have your hospital bag packed and ready near the door too – you never know when you may need it! Take a look at our handy hospital checklist .

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