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Our organic range

We're passionate about delicious, nutritious food that will help babies grow healthily. We want your little one to learn to love good food. And for us, organic is the only way.

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Over 50 years of organic heritage

HiPP Organic began in 1956 when Georg Hipp converted the family farm into one of the first organic farms in Europe. He wanted to create the very best food for babies, made carefully from only the finest, organic ingredients.

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Why organic is best for your baby

On average, organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals, as well as protective antioxidants and Omega 3 - which are perfect for your growing baby.


Happy animals

It’s important to us that HiPP Organic animals are free-range and lead comfortable and happy lives. All our animals enjoy a natural life and a natural, organic diet, free from routine antibiotics or growth hormones.


A natural harvest – no added nasties

Over the years, we’ve developed many different farming techniques to ensure the finest organic produce for our baby food. The organic farming methods we use mean there’s less pollution in the earth, air, the waterways and in the food chain.

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We are passionate about quality

When it comes to quality, you can trust our very high standards for you and your baby. Quality is so important to Hipp that 1 in 10 employees is responsible for quality checking.


A brighter world for our children

Our passion for organic food and our belief in sustainability go hand-in-hand with looking after the environment. We’re continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.