We are passionate about quality

HiPP StampThanks to HiPP’s long-standing organic heritage, we have our own tried and trusted farmers who grow foods organically to our exacting requirements. That also means we know exactly where and how all our vegetables are grown - and even the field they were grown in! We can also tell which meadow our beef and dairy cattle graze in. What’s more, our recipes and drinks are made with pure natural mineral water from our own protected source.

Checked at every stage

When it comes to quality, you can trust our very high standards for you and your baby. Every stage in the growing process and the preparation of HiPP Organic foods, milks and drinks are closely monitored to ensure we give your baby only the very best. Quality is so important to HiPP that 1 in 10 employees are responsible for quality checking.

The HiPP quality control team uses state of the art technology - plus human expertise! Our technological processes are fantastic - so much so, we are even able to detect a single grain of salt in an Olympic-sized swimming pool! But the human eye and hand is very important too - every grain of rice we use, for example, is checked individually by skilled staff. Our standards are amongst the best in the world - and certainly go well beyond required legislation.

No preservatives

Fruit and vegetables are picked at the peak of their ripeness. No artificial additives and no preservatives - our recipes are just tasty ingredients, individually gently steam-cooked to retain all the nutrition and flavour.

containersWe quickly seal our jars, pouches, tray meals & fruit pots after cooking to ensure they are airtight which naturally preserves them- ready for when you want to feed your baby, all without the use of unnecessary preservatives.



Everything is traceable

After filling and sealing, we give each product a batch number. This means that all meat and vegetables used in our recipes can be traced back through the entire process to identify the field, meadow, or animal of origin, including day of harvesting, preparation and packaging.

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