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What are we talking about in November?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Check out all the latest competitions and news from the HiPP Baby Club in November.

santa sackCompetition time!

Take part in this month's latest competitions...

  • WIN £250 towards your Christmas shopping - enter now!
  • WIN 1 of 25 boxes of Little Nibbles apple elephant biscuits - enter now!
  • WIN a set of HiPP Organic pouches - enter now!
  • WIN a personalised 3D photo gift with the HiPP Organic Photo Service - enter now!
  • WIN an all inclusive family holiday for 4 with Kinderhotels - enter now!

Latest news!

  • Have you heard about 'delayed cord clamping'?
mum & new babyIncreasing amounts of research are suggesting there are many benefits to your new baby by delaying the clamping of the cord between three and five minutes.

These include your baby receiving 30% more blood and 50% more red blood cells from the placenta before it is removed, which reduces the chances of anaemia.

There are benefits for you too, including lowering the chances of suffering from haemorrhage after birth or a retained placenta.

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) are changing their guidelines from November 2012 so that delayed cord clamping will become the common and preferred practice, so do discuss it with your midwife and consider putting it on your birth plan.

  • Your baby's movements in pregnancy
Depending upon how advanced your pregnancy is, you will be used to your midwife asking about your baby's movements. The reason for this is they show well being. The Royal College of Obstetricians (RCOG) have recently published information and advice for all mums-to-be about their unborn baby's movements in pregnancy. It's available to read or download here.

  • Seasonal vaccinationsflu

Find out about the latest advice on whether pregnant mums should have the flu and whooping cough vaccinations this time of year.

  • The HiPP Shop is moving to Amazon

From Monday the 3rd of December, all of your favourite HiPP Organic baby foods and milks will only be available to buy from Amazon

AmazonAll of the baby food and milk products that you can currently buy on this webshop will no longer be available here but don't worry, Amazon still offer FREE delivery on all their HiPP Organic products, plus you will also be able to buy products that are not currently available on the HiPP Shop such as our yummy jars and tasty tray meals!

From the 3rd December, you will only be able to buy your baby's favourite HiPP accessories such as our popular weaning spoons, and also our handy weaning starter pack from this webshop.

If you have any questions, please contact us at shop@hipp.co.uk


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