HiPP Organic uncovers new brand image to steal market share (Trade Press Release)

HiPP Organic, the leading expert in organic baby food is set to accelerate sales at the start of 2011 with a relaunch across their baby food range. The relaunch includes the introduction of a new-look pack design, an improved, aspirational brand identity and innovative new recipes.

HiPP has long been renowned for its array of organic baby meals spanning; jars, wholesome pots, juices, fruit pots, dried cereals and tray meals. Whilst HiPP remains the biggest and most reputable organic baby food brand, a number of new organic brands entering the category in recent years have led HiPP to drive this reappraisal. The changes will meet consumer demand in order to maintain significant market share and drive further brand growth.

The new-look pack, which is set to hit shelves in February, has been designed with a modernised, vibrant logo and a range of fresh, natural imagery to create added on shelf appeal.

New Packaging Stage 1Jane Mayall, Head of Marketing at HiPP Organic said, “HiPP is firmly established as a nutritious meal time offering for babies, and the new pack design refreshes the brand and gives greater stand out on shelf whilst emphasising the natural goodness of our best organic ingredients. This refresh is set to drive sales amongst the existing range while the new product variants create an additional incremental sales opportunity for retailers.”

HiPP has also added rapeseed oil to their range of stage one, two and three savoury jars, enabling babies to reap the benefits of Omega 3 and further reinforcing their ongoing aim to provide babies with the very best natural, wholesome goodness.

The relaunch will be supported by PR activity and a press advertising campaign which will commence in January 2011 to support the range in stores.

Whilst the original range of products and flavours will remain, HiPP has created some brand new recipes to add to the current plastic pots range; Juicy Tomato & Sweetcorn Pasta with Beef along with the Sweet Carrot & Pea Risotto with Chicken. These ‘textured’ varieties are unique to the baby food category, having been expertly developed with slightly more texture than a completely smooth puree to provide babies from six months onwards with an easier transition to solids before they hit stage 2.

Additions to stage 1 and 2 HiPP jars include a selection of exciting new flavours; Spaghetti Bolognese, Tasty Vegetable Risotto, Parsnip Potato & Turkey Casserole and Scrumptious Sunday Lunch to name but a few.

HiPP Organic is stocked in all major retailers. For further information on how you can stock the range, visit www.hipp.co.uk or call 0845 050 1351.

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