Feel HiPP about feeding

Milk feeding

Looking for some advice on breastfeeding? Bottle feeding tips? How to cope with common tummy troubles like colic and reflux? Take a look below.

Breastmilk is the best

As you know, breastfeeding provides the best milk for your baby. It’s the perfect natural superfood.

What's in breastmilk?

The ultimate first food, your breastmilk is unique to you and your baby.

HiPP tips for bottle feeds

Not sure where to start? Find out here.

Coping with colic

Colic is really distressing, but quite common. Discover the symptoms and how to get help.

Worried about reflux?

A bit of milk on your shoulder is completely normal, so when should you seek medical advice?

Lactose intolerance

What happens if your baby can’t digest the milk sugar, lactose? Learn about the symptoms and treatment.