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Feel HiPP bottle feeding tips

Whether you’re feeding your little one expressed breastmilk or formula milk in a bottle, you need to sterilise your equipment to protect your baby from germs. And, if you’re not breastfeeding, then you need to feel confident in your milk choice too. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help you feel HiPP.

Why choose HiPP Organic formula milks?

Breastmilk is best for your baby. It’s the ultimate superfood. But, if you decide to make a change, you’ll want to feel confident in your choice of formula milk. It’s reassuring to know that 97% of mums* say their babies seem happier with HiPP*. If you’re considering switching from breastfeeding, be sure to talk it over with your midwife or health visitor first.

*Research based on 507 mums using HiPP who changed from a different brand between Feb 17 and Jan 18

What you need

Bottles, teats and more — what do you need to get started?

How to sterilise

From travel kits to microwaves, there are lots of ways to safely sterilise bottles — find the best one for you.

Choosing a formula milk

You need to know you’re making the right choice — so what is the difference?

Why choose organic formula?

We firmly believe pesky pesticides and tiny tummies should be kept as far apart as possible. That’s why we’ve been proudly organic for over 60 years.

Only the right milk will do

There are very good reasons why babies should only be fed breastmilk or formula.

Find out what they are.

Switching formula milks

Some tips on moving your baby from one formula milk to another — but always ask your healthcare professional first.

Making up a bottle feed

An easy step-by-step guide.

Keeping it fresh

Is it safe to store made up milk? Yes, if you do it right — here’s how

Making up feeds on the go

Advice on how to make up feeds when you’re out and about.