First foods to try

Go veg first

Babies naturally love sweet things. But if you introduce the taste of veg first, before fruit, we think you’ll be surprised by how quickly they start to enjoy it. This approach will help them make healthier choices when they’re bigger too.

Easy on the tum

First foods should be easy to digest. Steamed vegetables, like carrot, parsnip and broccoli, are a great choice for a delish first puree. Offer a tiny bit on a soft weaning spoon and see what happens! And if they’re not keen, try again in a few days’ time.

Small portions

Remember, at this stage this is all about tiny tastes, so your baby learns to enjoy different flavours and textures. They will still be getting their nutrients from their milk feeds.

Avoid common allergens – just in case

If your baby is under 6 months, avoid giving them common allergens like nuts, eggs, seeds, shellfish and anything containing wheat or gluten.


For a gluten-free brekkie (lunch or tea) try our baby rice. Mix it with breastmilk or formula milk, or add it to fruit or veg puree. You can also try some of our other 4m+ foods.


After 6 months, all these foods are fine, unless you think your baby might have an allergy.

You can find our range of products from 6 months on here.


Find more foods to avoid

Always organic?

We’ve been organic since 1956, so naturally we think it's a good idea to keep pesky pesticides as far away as possible from babies’ sensitive tummies. You might not be able to go organic all the time, but for a first food, it's a great option.

Feeling cool?

Although you can offer purees at room temperature, savoury flavours taste better warm! To warm baby food, first get it piping hot, then cool again to a safe temperature before giving to your baby. You can use a microwave as long as you decant it into a microwave safe container first and carefully check the temperature — watch for hot spots!

Stay fresh

As big fans of sustainability, we’re not into food waste, although a little’s inevitable with little ones. They’ll be painting the wall with puree at some point! But for now, your baby will only need tiny amounts of food, so if you’ve got a HiPP Organic jar or pouch, put a small amount into a little bowl, then seal and store the rest in the fridge.


Check the label for specific storage info or read our weaning FAQs here.

Pick and Mix

Kiwi? Mango? Pasta? Roast chicken? After they’ve got used to veg, and as long as it's cooked the right way, then your baby can now eat almost anything. Offer loads of different tastes and textures, purees and soft finger foods, any way you like. Simple!

Any questions?

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