How to start weaning

So your little one is ready for that first spoonful of real food? Congratulations - let the mess begin! Here's what you'll need to get this new adventure off to a flying start.

What you'll need for that first "meal"

Is your baby ready for their first taste of real food? Here's how to make sure you are, too!



First foods to try

When it comes to first tastes, some foods are better than others. Here are some ideal foods for your baby's early-weaning menu.



Foods to avoid

You're better off waiting a little while to add these foods to your baby's diet. 

Food ideas from 6 months

Your baby is getting a lot better at this whole eating thing - so now it's time to add a bit of texture to the mix!

Weaning chart

Not sure how to start weaning? Download our guide to the first four weeks.

Good food for your little one

Our simple guide to what makes a good diet for your baby. 

How much milk does my baby need during weaning?

HiPP nutritionist Helen has some expert tips on making sure your baby is getting enough.

Food to avoid from 6 months

By this age, most foods are fair game for your baby, but there are still a few it's best to skip for now.

Drinks during weaning

Milk, water, or juice - which is the best drink for your little one?

Finding your own routine

Is your baby hungry in the morning? Or a bit of a snacker? Successful weaning is all about finding a pattern that works for both of you.