Why we love jars!

Offering more vegetables than fruit during weaning helps move your little one away from a natural preference for sweeter tastes, which may help reduce fussy eating later on. That's why our savoury recipes taste savoury and we offer a range of pure vegetables. We love mealtimes and think they should be playful and fun however when it comes to ingredients, you'll find us the fussy ones.


Here's some of the reasons why we love our jars-

Proud to be organic – HiPP Organic have the only organic range of jars in the UK which is important to ensure your baby’s sensitive tummy isn’t exposed to unnecessary harmful pesticides.  Not only are our jars organic, but we are proud that our organic quality standards exceed those required by EU law, to ensure only flawless organic ingredients are used to create our foods.  This extra special quality is represented by our organic logo that can be found on all of our products.

Variety is king – With our 60 nutritious recipes, including our pure veg range, your child will develop a love for a variety of foods including savoury & sweet which will aid acceptance of a more varied diet later on.

Spoon friendly – Jars are perfect for feeding with a spoon which encourages hand-eye coordination and self-feeding. Spoon feeding can lead to fewer dental caries than sucking food directly from a pouch.

Feed their curiosity - Jars allow babies to see and smell the food they are tasting, important for food recognition and acceptance.

Better for lumps – Introducing lumpy textures is an important development milestone, jars are perfect for offering age appropriate texture, from small lumps at 7 months to larger chunks at 10 months plus.  Our unique wide opening jars allows lumpy textures to be spooned more easily.

Savoury means savoury- Starting weaning with vegetables is important as your baby has a natural preference for sweeter tastes. We don’t play hide and seek with our food – we believe savoury should mean savoury.