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Potty training – boys vs girls

Posted on 09. November 2016 by admin

Learning to use the potty is an important milestone for all toddlers – but it’s a good idea to remember that potty training is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit. Just as little boys and girls can be startlingly different in the ways they learn and play, they tend to approach toileting quite differently, too. So to give you a head start (and hopefully save some head-shaking), here are a few gender-specific strategies to help you get your toddler from nappies to knickers with the least fuss. 



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Microfashion: Why toddlers love to choose their own outfits

Posted on 08. November 2016 by admin

(Credit: Julia Koumbassa, via Huffington Post)

When it comes to true cutting-edge style, even the most ardent fashionista would have a tough time competing with your average toddler. Starting at around age three, many toddlers suddenly turn into tiny style mavens, obsessed with making fashion choices for themselves. And, as any parent knows, this can result in some rather interesting outfits.

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Five top ways to help teach toddlers to wash their hands

Posted on 02. November 2016 by admin

Let’s face it, parents... we love them dearly, but we all know toddlers can be some seriously grubby little people. It just comes naturally to them – after all, there are just so many interesting bits to pick up off the ground (not to mention that squishy thing they found under the sofa!) Yes, the nightly bath is a big help, but starting at around 15-18 months old, you will probably also want to start introducing your toddler to the fine art of handwashing. 

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Coping with your first ‘poonami’

Posted on 27. October 2016 by admin

It’s a bit of a rite of passage in the parenting world: the nappy change to end all nappy changes, the one that makes even the most affectionate mum or dad recoil and wonder, “What on earth have we been FEEDING this child?” It’s the dreaded poonami, and if you haven’t experienced one yet, we’re sorry, but you will soon.

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What bathtime play is teaching your baby

Posted on 18. October 2016 by admin

We all know that regular baths are important for keeping your little one healthy and smelling sweet, but bathtime isn’t just about getting clean! It’s also a great learning experience for your baby. 

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Introducing toddlers to cows’ milk

Posted on 26. September 2016 by admin

Hi everyone!


At 1 year of age, although they need less of it, milk is still an important part of a toddler’s diet and provides them with valuable protein, energy, vitamins and minerals such as calcium. They should be getting about ½-¾ pint (about 300-400 ml) each day. You shouldn’t let them drink much more than this as it reduces the appetite for other valuable foods.

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Water babies: Getting through the first bath with confidence

Posted on 26. September 2016 by admin

So you’ve come through your baby’s birth with flying colours – congratulations! Now that you’re home, though, the tips you picked up in neonatal classes may have got a bit fuzzy, and you might be finding the idea of bathing your newborn intimidating. Don’t worry – you’re far from alone.

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