18-24 months old

18-24 months

Can your toddler…

  • … build a tower of blocks?
  • …point to things in books, eg cow, dog, ball?
  • …make animal noises?
  • … turn over pages of a book?

Toddlers of this age…

  • May become very wary of, and often refuse, new foods
  • Will enjoy ‘joining in’ when you are cooking - eg mixing up shallots with a spoon in a plastic bowl
  • Spend hours pushing buggies around with dolls in
  • While standing, may be able to bend over to pick something up without falling over
  • May be able to turn door knobs and screw and unscrew things
  • Are likely to have mastered a range of words and may even be talking in short sentences

Asserting themselves

Your baby is a real little person now. But, of course, real little people are programmed to achieve independence so don’t be surprised if you have some tussles as they try to assert themselves. For example, your toddler may not want to sit in a highchair, but may prefer a booster seat. Or they might insist on trying to dress or undress themselves. This is fine if you have all the time in the world, but if you don’t….! Try as much as you can to let your little one do things for themselves - this is how they learn.

Good nutrition

It can be quite difficult to try to achieve balanced meals, since toddlers often have very clear ideas what they are prepared to eat and may seem reluctant to try anything new. It is believed that this reluctance to try new things is a result of a survival instinct which stops the toddler from eating everything they come across, such as poisonous berries. It has also been suggested that a toddler has to be presented with a new food at least ten times before agreeing to try it! But whatever the theories, this can be a frustrating time for parents. Just do your best to give a mixed diet, and continue to offer foods that have been rejected. By including as wide a variety of foods as possible, you will ensure the nourishment needed.

Take a height check…

There is an adult height predictor page in your red book so measure your 2 year old and see how tall they are likely to be when grown up.

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