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10 monthsYour growing baby is no doubt starting to show a real interest in their food now – putting their fingers in their bowl perhaps or trying to help feed themselves by trying to grab their spoon! This is a great time since babies are usually willing to eat most foods so it’s ideal to try and offer as much variety as possible. You could also introduce some more finger foods now to help encourage self-feeding and chewing.

More lumps, please

Offering more foods containing soft lumps to encourage chewing really helps with the development of the muscles involved in speech.

Not all babies and toddlers like lumpy foods and they may spit them out or appear to gag on them. It’s important to persevere with these lumpy foods, and although it may take them a while to control the lumps in their mouth, don’t worry if they spit them out or cough them back for more chewing. This is perfectly fine and doesn’t mean they are choking.

Keep on trying with those tastes that they may not accept too. It can take over 10 times for you little one to develop a preference for them.

Tasty food ideas from 10 months

Why not try:

How much milk?

At this stage, babies should be eating three meals a day. Your baby should be well used to solid foods by now, plus having 500-600ml of milk. Milk still makes up an important part of their daily nutritional needs and beginning to serve it in a beaker will help your baby move onto drinking out of a cup!

Make that snack a healthy one

A snack between mealtimes is a good idea - but make it a healthy one! You could include finger foods such as HiPP Organic rice cakes and squiggly corn puffs from our Little Nibbles range.

Top Tips

  • Babies need to learn to feed themselves, so have one spoon for the baby and one for you at mealtimes. It's an important developmental step, messy, but necessary!
  • Out and about? If you are taking food out with you for your baby to eat, make the most of the HiPP Organic range of jar or tray meals.
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