From 12 months

12 monthsBy now, your toddler’s old enough to join the rest of your family at the dinner table. In fact, they might even insist on it! Eating together – whether at home, over at friends’ or in restaurants – is perfect for some extra family bonding, even if they can’t have the same food as you.

Introducing family meals

Mealtimes are a chance for the family to get together and will help your toddler develop social skills. Why not seat your toddler in their high chair near the table and offer them one of our HiPP Organic from 12 months meals.

Eating for energy

Aim to give your toddler three small, nourishing meals a day (with a savoury and sweet course at the two main mealtimes), and healthy finger food snacks in between. Have a look at the HiPP Organic range of yummy meals and snacks.

How much milk?

Even though your little one’s now eating more grown-up food, milk still matters. Of course the amount they’re drinking will have decreased but it’s advisable they still have around 350ml of milk a day. From 12 months, you can use whole cows’ milk in place of formula if you wish, or choose HiPP Organic's specially formulated Growing Up milk designed with toddler’s specific nutritional needs in mind.

From 12 months, your little one should really be using a feeding cup or beaker. It might be hard for them to move away from using their bottle, but it is better for their teeth and development to do so. Try starting with a feeding beaker that needs to be sucked and then move over to a free-flow one.

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