Fussy eaters

Feeding fussy eaters

fussy eaterAs toddlers discover a growing independence, many mums find it’s perfectly normal for their little ones to suddenly be too ‘busy' to eat, to eat only a limited range of foods, to be deeply suspicious of foods they haven't eaten before or - even more frustratingly - reject foods they always enjoyed before!

Keep calm

The key thing is to try to relax and not worry. Just do the best you can to give your toddler a balanced diet and keep offering a variety of good things to eat. It’s not their daily intake that matters so much; rather what they eat over the course of a week. Most toddlers eventually grow out of any faddy stage - particularly if they see others enjoying different foods - so just keep persevering. They’ll usually come round in the end.

Top tips for fussy eaters

  • Toddlers may need to see and try new foods ten or more times before they get used to them – it can just take a bit of time
  • If your little one won't eat something, just take the food away without drawing attention to it – keep mealtimes running smoothly
  • Give lots of attention when your toddler is eating – rather than when they are not eating
  • If your toddler won't even try a food, they may do so next time if they see others are eating it
  • Try not to bribe, coax or force your toddler to eat
  • Avoid using sweet foods or treats as a reward for eating something
  • Remember, it’s extremely rare for children to starve themselves!
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