11-12 weeks old

11-12 weeks

Your baby

  • Talk to your baby all the time about everyday things, sing nursery rhymes and songs, play with their hands and feet, make funny faces and noises
  • Try to mimic the sounds that they make or the facial expressions that they pull - this will help them to learn about communication and interacting with others
  • May go quiet when you talk, even when he or she can't see you, and even smile!

Babies of this age…

  • Will open their hands and will watch them
  • May start to laugh
  • Are likely to be able to hold their heads steady
  • Love toys that make a noise, such as rattles
  • May be able to grasp a rattle for a few seconds
  • May do mini push ups when lying on their tummies

It seems only yesterday when your baby was tiny and newborn and, when you look back on it, didn’t do very much! Your baby at this age is becoming very responsive, which makes it really rewarding when you are talking and playing with them. Babies also need quiet time, when they can watch what’s going on, play with their hands and dream dreams.

It’s that time again

Your baby will have a second lot of jabs around 3 months. For more information follow this link to the NHS vaccination planner.

Changing seasons

Keep an eye on the changing season and dress your baby accordingly. Check on bedroom temperature and bedding too (see our handy guide to room temperatures and bedding in the HiPP A-Z guide). Don’t feel their hands or feet to check if your baby is hot or cold, but feel the chest or tummy.

Look after yourself

You are probably still getting up in the night to feed, and it is important to try to keep your strength up. Regular meals, and snacking on foods such as organic pumpkin or sunflower seeds, or organic fruit (no need to peel organic apples or pears if you are trying to avoid pesticides), will help to keep your energy levels up.

If you find you are often too tired at the end of the day to want to prepare a proper meal, try making something in advance earlier on in the day. You’re likely to feel more up to it then!

‘Chat’ freely

Being at home with children can be isolating, and small problems can sometimes seem huge, so it’s good to make friends with others in the same position. 

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