Planning your holiday

baby on beachPreplanning is all about relieving the stress, so prior to departure:

  • Organise your baby’s passport.
  • Check the facilities at your destination; do they supply a cot, highchair and other equipment?
  • Organise travel insurance and if holidaying in Europe don’t forget to get a European health card (EHIC) from your post office.
  • Rather than taking baby milk and baby food through airport security you may wish to pre-order your formula and food from Boots in the departure lounge. Check your specific airport to see if they offer this service, they usually require 10 days notice.
  • If travelling abroad, do the supermarkets stock your brand of nappies as they are bulky to pack?
  • If you’re planning to hire a car whilst away, a quick call can establish if the hire company provides baby car seats, if not your own car seat can be checked in to the hold.
  • Long haul journeys will provide an air cot, so be sure to request this at booking.
  • Taking lots of baby food can be heavy in your hold luggage, however pouches tend to be lighter. HiPP Organic products are available abroad but please note that the varieties available may be different to what is available in the UK so it is best to take your baby's favourite with you, and always take your baby's own milk.
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