Travelling with your baby

travellingIf you decide to holiday in the UK and are taking a car journey to reach your destination, remember to make plenty of stops for feeding, nappy changes and to relieve your baby, as they will become uncomfortable in the same position constantly in their car seat. For very long journeys some parents choose to travel at night when their baby is asleep. Take some new toys and stagger their introduction throughout the journey to keep your little one amused.

If flying, there’s a little more to think about, airport security’s rule is no more than 100ml fluid to be taken onto flights, this doesn’t apply to infant milk, baby sterilised water or baby foods, but you may be asked to taste any milk or baby food you’re taking on board for baby. Remember to take more than you require in case of delays.

For ease around the airport you can use your pushchair right up until you board the plane.

Breast feed, bottle feed or offer your baby their soother on take-off and landing as this can help to relieve any pressure in their ears. To keep them amused have a change of scene, get up and walk about the plane, you’ll often find other passengers want a little chat.

It’s very easy to become dehydrated on flights. Babies dehydrate quicker than adults so if breast feeding offer more frequent feeds and remember to maintain your own fluid intake. If bottle feeding offer extra drinks of cooled boiled water.
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