Where to go on holiday?

where to goWhether it’s in the UK or abroad it’s always best to stay in family friendly accommodation, they’ll be much more set up with the essentials like cots, highchairs toys and books. Far better than having to carry even more bulky items in your already over loaded car.

If travelling abroad, babies can fly from 1 week old but it’s often best to wait until they’re around 6 months of age, they’re much more likely to be in a routine at this stage and will have completed their primary course of vaccinations.

It’s best to avoid going to places where extra vaccinations are needed, as babies’ immune system is immature. For example certain countries require a yellow fever jab and this can’t be given under 6 months of age.

The World Health Organisation advises against taking infants and young children to areas where malaria is present, if you still decide to go then anti malaria medication is available to babies over 3 months old and to breastfeeding mums. If breastfeeding though, your baby will still need the medication as there is uncertainty about how much protection is passed through into the breast milk.

For more detailed guidance on requirements for healthy travel abroad visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
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