From 7 months

7 months oldThis is often known as the ‘honeymoon’ period of weaning, when babies are more willing to try lots of new tastes and textures, so make the most of it!

There are still some tips worth keeping in mind:

  • Offer as much variety of foods as possible. This helps to establish good eating habits and gives your baby lots of different vitamins and minerals
  • Sometimes you need to offer a food more than 10 times before your baby will accept it, so don't give up! If your baby strongly refuses a food, try it again on another day in smaller tastes so they have plenty of opportunities to develop a preference for it

Weaning foods from 7 months

Ideal finger foods for your baby

Babies need to learn to chew and to begin feeding themselves. Although your baby may not have any teeth yet, their gums are quite hard so finger foods should be managed quite easily now.

Why not try offering your baby some rice cakes and squigly corn puffs from our Little Nibbles range.

Take care

Be careful with hard foods that could cause choking, and make sure there is always someone with your baby while they’re eating. Babies don't always like the lumps at first and may spit them out or appear to gag on them. It can take your baby a while to learn to control the lumps in their mouth, so they may spit bits out or cough them back for more chewing. This is perfectly fine and doesn’t mean they are choking.

If your baby does choke then calmly lift them up and turn them upside down. Try to do it gently and without panicking so that you don't frighten them.

Download our weaning simplified leaflet which explains all about the goodies and baddies in food when it comes to feeding your baby.

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