First foods to try

First weaning foods to try

Up until now your baby has only had milk, so anything too strong in flavour may come as a bit of a shock. It’s best to make their first tastes of solids very mild in flavour, simple, smooth and runny. Mixing them with your baby's usual milk can also help to make these first tastes more acceptable. Bear in mind that it’s advised to stick to gluten-free foods for at least until your baby is over 6 months old.

baby riceSome ideal first tastes are:

Reheating foods for your baby

Jars of baby foods are easy to serve at room temperature. If a jar of baby food has been opened and stored in the fridge, its contents should be heated until piping hot and then cooled to a safe temperature.

You can use a microwave provided you stir food well afterwards and leave it to stand for a minute or two before serving - checking the temperature to make sure it's not too hot.

In your baby’s own time

For babies starting weaning between 4 and 6 months, take things very slowly by gradually increasing quantities, offering different types of foods and increasing the amount of meals you give them. At 6 months, your baby’s digestive system will be better developed, so you can introduce different foods and textures a little more quickly (including foods containing gluten). At this age your baby is also more likely to eat increasingly more – they’ll be your best guide on this.

How much milk?

During weaning, continue giving your baby all their usual milk feeds. Babies being fed by bottle should have a total of around 500-600ml of infant milk a day.

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