How to start weaning

Starting weaningGetting started with weaning

Before you get down to the exciting business of introducing those first few tastes of food, you’ll need the right things to hand! Many mums find that choosing spoons and bowls in a bright, colourful plastic has the added advantage of attracting their baby’s attention, as well as being durable. Don't forget to thoroughly wash feeding equipment in hot soapy water before you use it.

Things you’ll need:

  • Bibs
  • Small baby bowls – or you can use cups, plastic lidded pots or ramekin dishes
  • Small, shallow, rounded baby spoons
  • Baby wipes, muslins or tissues
  • It's easier if you can sit your baby somewhere such as a bouncing cradle or reclining highchair suitable for a young baby
  • Some suitable starter food.

How to start

Are you ready to take your first steps into weaning? Here are some tips to help you both on your way:

  • Choose a time when it is quiet and your baby is generally contented
  • Give them their usual milk feed first before any solids (once your baby is used to being fed with a spoon you’ll be able to give the solids first and the milk after)
  • Spoon out a small amount of food into a bowl for less wastage
  • Put a bib on your baby
  • Sit them in a suitable chair or on your lap - remember you'll need to keep their little hands out of the way
  • Use a small, shallow, plastic spoon
  • Have a muslin or some wipes at the ready
  • Stir the food well and test that the food is at room temperature before offering it to your baby
  • Offer just the tip of the spoon to begin with - once your baby gets the idea you can slowly increase the amount given
  • Be as patient as you need to be and try not to force it – there’s no rush

For more advice, watch Helen's video below.

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